Specialization Leading to Quality Results


When searching for a billing solution for your business, it is incredibly important to go with a company that specializes in your field. There is a notable difference between the service offered by a specialized billing company and the service offered by a company that focuses on multiple healthcare verticals for billing. Think quality versus quantity. Wouldn’t you rather quality when it comes to your billing solutions?

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Outstanding Balances Without Solutions

Outstanding Balances without Solution

At Advanced Hospice Management, we understand that outstanding balances with no solution are frustrating. Oftentimes, the reasons for these unpaid bills are confusing or vague. Our job is to go above and beyond to figure out why the claim was really rejected, and correct the process to ensure smooth sailing going forward. Let our team help you maximize your billing solutions by following up on unpaid claims until they are corrected.

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Systematically Tackling Unbilled Claims

At Advanced Hospice Management, we understand the overwhelming feeling that unbilled claims bring to our clients. That’s why we have developed a system to handle unbilled claims where we work side by side with our clients to review each claim one by one.

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Perfecting the Process to Prevent Errors

There are many issues that could make a claim return unpaid. At Advanced Hospice Management, we make sure to fix broken processes and address problems where they’re made. With our approach to hospice billing, your agency can get the claims out the door clean the first time and earn your revenue in a predictable manner.

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A Seamless Onboarding Process

We know onboarding can seem like an overwhelming and tedious process. At Advanced Hospice Management, we work step by step with our clients to help them understand what we need to complete the process and how to locate the information.

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Getting Claims Paid: Driven By Results

How to Get Claims Paid - Hospice

At Advanced Hospice Management, we understand good processes are more than just checking boxes. With a focus on client success, we work to eliminate disruption to the client’s revenue cycle considering they rely on predictable revenue.

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