In May 2016, Advanced Revenue Cycle Management began working with a hospice provider in the western United States. This client had been connected to their previous biller through their electronic health record (EHR) software and their collection rates and compliance suffered tremendously during that time. Their previous biller failed to comply with updated billing regulations and consistently left money on the table.

“In seven months, Advanced Revenue Cycle Management collected every penny.“

“I trust their team because I know they do things in the correct manner.”

“Advanced Revenue Cycle Management allows me to focus on my work because their team gets the job done well and quickly.”



“When ARCM took over it was a complete 180. A breath of fresh air. Everything theysaid was proven with our collections.”
- Hospice CEO


After hiring our team, we drastically improved all aspects of the billing process. In addition to ensuring the client was fully compliant, we added additional team members to actively manage cases and maximize collections. Through our efficient, proven services, Advanced Revenue Cycle Management completely restructured the hospice’s billing system.

“They are always willing to help, and they know what they need to know. They are eager to do their work and do it well. They are looking to be a part of our team. It’s as if Advanced Revenue Cycle Management works in our company. I don’t feel like I’m outsourced somewhere far far away.”

Advanced Revenue Cycle Management is a specialized billing service working solely with hospice providers across the country to maximize collections. Our team of highly-trained expert billers understands the complex nature of hospice billing and strictly adheres to required collection standards. We are fully devoted to providing unmatched billing solutions so that our clients can focus on patient care.