How does it work?

With our Online Reputation Management service we can suppress negative online reviews, news and ratings that have damaging effects on a hospice agency’s reputation. As the hospice industry continues to become more competitive, the importance of a positive online presence is unprecedented. A hospice agency’s online reputation acts as the provider’s digital resume for the entire world, and it greatly influences one’s decision when selecting a care provider. Negative reviews are easily found and have the power to destroy a hospice agency’s reputation in seconds. 

Despite the issue’s significance, many hospice agencies aren’t even aware of this problem and its detrimental effects. To combat this issue, our Online Reputation Management solution generates positive attention over time to greatly diminish the impact of any online negativity that would otherwise detract from a hospice agency’s success. The Online Reputation Management solution fits as a natural extension to our other services and seeks to accomplish the same goals – improve a hospice agency’s financial standing and allow owners to focus on providing care.

This service can be bundled together with our other offerings or utilized separately.

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